About the Founder

Joyce Paul is an  accomplished Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dancer who believes that dance is a wonderful medium  that can transport you to a level of consciousness that is difficult to reach  otherwise. 

She works hard to  ensure that the essence of dance and its unseen ramifications are experienced by  her students and co-dancers. Her knowledge of Exercise Physiology and the human body in general give her classes a unique twist. Her basic knowledge of Ballet and Jazz help her work on competitive analysis between art forms and how the body reacts to different stress movements.

Joyce had the pleasure of having Padmashri Leela Samson as her guru. Under Leela Akka she learnt the  rigour, vitality and precision that the Kalakshetra school had to offer. She also had the privilege of spending time  at Kalaskhetra with teachers like Janardhanan Sir and Thomas Sir and  Krishnamurthy Sir. Her dancing took a different flavour when she started  training with the eminent Prof C.V. Chandrashekhar and his daughters Chitra and  Manjari Chandrashekhar. She has performed extensively over the last 17 years or  so. For more information refer to her detailed bio.

After moving to  Seattle, WA in January of 2001, Joyce started focussing more on outreach and awareness in an effort to share the brilliance of classical Indian Performing Arts.  She is keen on educating the local community about the rich and  varied heritage of India. To this end, she has built long lasting relationships with leading local organisations such as Town Hall, Seattle, Kirkland Performance Center, University of Washington, Microsoft, Seattle Art Museum. She also strives to network with the Indian Dance community in WA, maintains a database of teachers and performers on this website, organises regular networking lunches, personally administers the WA Narthaki Facebook group and contributes regularly with high quality articles and commentaries.

She has been performing regularly for the Northwest Folklife festival, Seattle Art Museum, Bellevue Community College and other art  organizations.

Joyce has a unique  curriculum for her workshops - one  that incorporates kinesiology, strength and fitness, yoga (esp. paranayama),  theatre, lateral thinking and impromptu interpretations of non-traditional dance  concepts.

She loves teaching and through her academy Arpan, she offers her "Arpanam" of dance. Most of her students love the fact that they get to learn the art of choreography, nattuvangam, notation and concept and performance analysis at such an early stage in their learning paths.


If you are passionate about Indian Classical  Performing Arts, Joyce would love to hear from you. You can write to her at joycekpaul@msn.com