ARPAN is a performing arts organization that is dedicated to the promotion of  Folk and Classical traditions of India. This includes dance, music, folklore,  traditions and values. It strives to bring together like minded artistes who value the  traditions passed down through the ages unadulterated by the vagaries of the  modern world. We try to stay away from 'filmi' 'techno' interpretations of any  art form that we perform.

The word  ARPAN in Sanskrit means to present or to offer in dedication. Our efforts are an offering (Arpan) to the entire community  in Seattle,  WA right from the inner depths of a diverse cultural melting pot that is India.

The seeds of  ARPAN started as  early as November 2002. It was triggered by the ambient state of Indian  classical and folk dance traditions here in Washington. Having recently moved  from India, I was on the lookout for venues where I could nourish and grow my  art form. After two years, I realized that I needed to do something. I needed to  convey what India meant to me. I needed to reach out and communicate how dance  is integrated into the lives of people in India. How it transcends from the  mundane to the spiritual. How it is inextricably linked to the air that each one of us breathe  as we grow up in the vibrant soil of India.

And so  ARPAN was born. An  offering. An outpouring of the essence of rhythm in joy across continents. An  exposition of what it means to dance the various folk dances from different  states in India. Feel the joys and aspirations of the simple village folk. An offering to the  artists of yesteryears who laid the foundations of classical art forms that are  so unique to India. That have their roots in scripture as old as 2000 yrs. This is  ARPAN's first  attempt to bring an India that is close to my heart not just as a dancer but as  a daughter of the soil that has nourished me with dance, music, joy, love,  compassion and strength.
A humble offering to the city of Seattle.


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Arpan is a small   group of like-minded dancers who convene in Redmond,WA to dance, practice   yoga, learn about traditions that are thousands of years old, choreograph and   to melt their bodies and spirits to the grammer and beauty of dance.

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Our bi-annual company event where   dancers of all levels choreograph and or perform is called Ehsaas.

  •Ehsaas 2007   •Ehsaas 2009   •Ehsaas 2011

ARPAN DANCER'S GROWTH RETREAT                                                                                                                                  

Our bi-annual dancers retreat, where all of us go away for 3-4 days to renew and replenish ourselves in dance. We   leave work, homes, families behind to have some precious 'dancer only' time.

  • Retreat 2009
  • Retreat 2011
  • Retreat 2012

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