Script and Characters



A strong confident women. Knows what she wants and is used to getting what she wants. One can use the following adjectives to describe her character - Aggressive, bold, strong, confident, influential, risk taker, expansive world view/experience, questions everything, weighs pros and cons



Silent, strong, adaptive, accommodative, is not used to fighting for what she wants, easy to work with, limited world view/experience, goes with the flow, does not question much, takes the path of least resistance

Elements of Life (Maze and Flow)

"Elements of Life" (EOL) represents life itself and the convoluted enigma that life is.

It presents challenges to humankind, offers multiple options as paths to people. Depending on what turn you make in this maze, you may reach a dead-end or see light. Life pushes you, pulls you, drags you and sometimes elevates you. You are putty in the hands of the Elements of Life until you stand up and take a stance. Life still continues around you. You continue to live.

Corps dancers as "Elements of Life" (EOL) represent human beings (good, bad, compassionate, psychopaths) you meet along your journey on this earth and it also represents the power and beauty of nature (flowers, rainbows, hurricanes, seasons...) EOL can impact your (any human) life in many ways, and in this production, I chose to pick four primary ways

  1. When EOL enables you it harmonizes with you and life is beautiful. You may or may not enjoy it depending on your state of mind.
  2. When EOL directs you, it shows you a path. You may or may not follow that path.
  3. When EOL challenges you, it is a situation that demands your faculties of strength, persistence, conviction etc. You may or may not rise up to the challenge.
  4. When EOL blocks you, it prevents you from doing something that you desire. You need to find your path around it or to overcome it.

The dancers in their roles as EOL throw different challenges and blocks to the two main characters. They also enable and harmonize with both characters.