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While a production of this nature places several and sometimes severe demands on the creators, performers and volunteers, we at ARPAN, believe there is no better investment we can make than sharing the wealth of the classical performing arts traditions of India with our Seattle community. However, we cannot do this on our own; we need your help to cover production costs, operating expenses, costumes, art supplies, studio maintenance charges and much more. When you donate to Yavanika, you donate to a deeper form of beauty and meaning that incites social change. Please join us in keeping the performing arts traditions of India alive by making a contribution to Yavanika in one of the following ways:

  1. To make a direct contribution, please make a cheque out to ARPAN with memo ARPAN/Joyce K Paul
  2. If you need non-profit status, please make cheques payable to ALLIED ARTS FOUNDATION with byline ARPAN/Joyce K Paul.
  3. For $100 and above, you get to be on our Top Donors list. For other perks, see our fund raising letter.
  4. Help us get sponsorship even if it is $10!
  5. To use your workplace matching funds, please donate to ALLIED ARTS FOUNDATION with memo ARPAN/Joyce K Paul for non-profit benefits.


  • Once complete, email with date, cheque number and amount for recordkeeping.
  • All cheques can be mailed to ARPAN – YAVANIKA, 24311 NE 80th street, Redmond, WA 98053

If you would like to help us get sponsorship even if it is as low as $25, please feel free to forward this fund raising letter to your friends, supporters.



  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your donation amount through the PayPal window that appears
  3. Click “How should your donation be directed” on the upper left side of this page
  4. Type ARPAN or JOYCE PAUL in the text box. ARPAN and Joyce K Paul Siamak are amongst the Sponsored Artists list.
  5. IMP - email with date, amount and your name so AAF can direct them correctly.


Why contribute to YAVANIKA?

On March 22nd, 2014, curtains will be drawn sharp at 8 PM, in Kirkland Performance Center (KPC), to present Yavanika: Veiled Perspectives, an avant-garde ARPAN production in partnership with KPC. Yavanika, a first-of-its kind dance production to be offered in the Puget Sound region unveils original script, story, music and choreography using Bharatanatyam. Conceived and choreographed by Joyce Paul Siamak, the artistic director of ARPAN, the performance binds a strong storyline, music and dance elements into a visually compelling single dynamic, where experiences stream into music and then gushes into dance.


Yavanika features rarity after rarity

  • What lends it a special poignancy is that its story is born out of Joyce’s real life encounters with people who shared stories, long held in the corners of their heart with her, of joy, bliss, peace, art, birth, death, suicide, domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcoholism, health and disease.
  • Perfectly suited to create magic on stage, the cast of Yavanika is especially brilliant. Lead dancers, Joyce and Meera, who run fine schools of classical dance and music on the east side are well known for their artistic excellence and professionalism. 
  • The supporting cast, equally established and exceptional is comprised of professional dancers who are also teachers in their own right.  
  • The other rarity is that, unlike other productions where music merely lends itself to the choreography, here, close collaboration between the music director Murali Vasudevan and choreographer Joyce with music advisor Meera Krishna from the get-go has resulted in distinctive score that organically encapsulates the ethos of the production. 
  • In addition, the entire cast belongs to local soil (from Washington and California).
  • A two month long art exhibition provides painters and photographers an opportunity to exhibit and sell their art based on the storyline of YAVANIKA.

Joyce hopes to achieve the following with this production:

  1. Instill the idea among viewers that if we were to make an effort to take off the colored glasses that direct our opinions and actions, then our transformed snapshot of life would enable us to honor other people’s perspectives thereby creating more tolerance, patience and love all around.
  2. Be an inspiration to all those who are suffer from chronic ailments. Show them that if their passion for the arts is strong enough, they can still cause social change through their art even if they may not conform to “normal’’ standards of performance.