February-March 2014


KPC's ArtStage Gallery allows local, regional and national visual artists to show their work with KPC's audience and the eastside community.   KPC’s lobby is an excellent gallery setting, allowing artists a venue in which to display their work to the thousands of KPC patrons who attend performances within that time frame. KPC patrons also benefit by experiencing a variety of artwork throughout the year. ArtStage Gallery is a cooperative project with Kirkland Arts Center and local artists. KPC's Lobby Gallery is open during box office hours, Tuesday – Saturday from 12 PM to 6 PM and during scheduled performances.

If you are interested in exhibiting at ArtStage please download the information packet and email us!

February/March 2014 Call for Artists:

Kirkland Performance Center is seeking visual artists for an exhibit entitled: Yavanika: Veiled Perspectives.   

The visual art exhibit is paired with a performance of the same name by Arpan, a performing arts organization that is dedicated to the promotion of the Classical & Folk traditions of India. Yavanika is a contemporary dance work about human perspectives, conveyed through the story of two women.

KPC is seeking 2D art based on the theme of women, perspectives of women, and and veils:

 “Two women. Two lives. Two perspectives molding into a world view created by society, friends, family. Two women navigating the maze of life. Colored glasses or self-drawn veils? Veil of choice or veil imposed? Life’s challenges explored through live, vibrant, pulsating maze.” Visit Yavanika's page to learn more about the project's concept, synopsis, and the main characters.

The visual arts exhibit will be February-March 2014.  Artists will be invited to an opening and to participate in an artist talk during the month of March.

2D art submissions will be accepted through January 20, 2013. Email Sarah K Smith, Director of Education and Outreach at, to apply and for questions.  Submissions should include jpegs of work, list of works, with up to 10 works.


22nd MARCH 2014

DATE         22nd March 2014
                 Seating begins - 7:30pm  |  Show starts - 8:00 pm
                 Please do join us for a post show Q&A session in the theatre following the curtain call

VENUE       Kirkland Performance Center | 350 Kirkland Ave • Kirkland, WA 98033

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BOX OFFICE PHONE: 425.893.9900 | Box Office

LATEST NEWS - WORLD PREMIERE of YAVANIKA : veiled perspectives is on 22nd March 2014

TICKETS are on SALE!!!! Please do share this link with friends and family -veiled-perspectives.

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  2. To write to Dr. Paul-Siamak personally, please email
  3. Read more about the storyline, the cast and crew and much more - Click Here


  1. Navigate to
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  4. Type ARPAN or JOYCE PAUL in the text box. ARPAN and Joyce K Paul Siamak are amongst the Sponsored Artists list.

On March 22nd, 2014, curtains will be drawn sharp at 8 PM, in Kirkland Performance Center (KPC), to present Yavanika: Veiled Perspectives, an avant-garde ARPAN production in partnership with KPC. ARPAN is a performing arts organization in the greater Seattle area dedicated to the promotion of Classical and Folk traditions of India. Yavanika, a first-of-its kind dance production to be offered in the Puget Sound region unveils original script, story, music and choreography using Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form


from Southern India. Conceived and choreographed by Joyce Paul Siamak, the artistic director of ARPAN, with music advisor, Meera Krishna to lend melody to ideation, the performance binds a strong storyline, music and dance elements into a visually compelling single dynamic, where experiences stream into music and then gushes into dance.

You’ve heard it all before, right? Except you haven’t, quite. Yavanika features rarity after rarity. What lends it a special poignancy is that its story is born out of Joyce’s real life encounters with people who shared stories, long held in the corners of their heart with her, of joy, bliss, peace, art, birth, death, suicide, domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcoholism, health and disease. Perfectly suited to create magic on stage, the cast of Yavanika is especially brilliant. Lead dancers, Joyce and Meera, who run fine schools of classical dance and music in the area are well known for their artistic excellence and professionalism. The supporting cast, equally established and exceptional is comprised of professional dancers who are also teachers in their own right. The other rarity is that, unlike other productions where music merely lends itself to the choreography, here close collaboration between the music director and choreographers from the get-go has resulted in distinctive score that organically encapsulates the ethos of the production. In addition, the entire cast belongs to local soil (from Washington and California).

Joyce hopes to achieve the following with this production:

  1. Instill the idea among viewers that if we were to make an effort to take off the coloured glasses that direct our opinions and actions, then our transformed snapshot of life would enable us to honor other people’s perspectives thereby creating more tolerance, patience and love all around. 

  2. Be an inspiration to all those who are suffer from chronic ailments. Show them that if their passion for the arts is strong enough, they can still cause social change through their art even if they may not conform to “normal’’ standards of performance.

22 March 2014       YAVANIKA veiled perspectives               8:00  pm                              Kirkland Performance Center

                           Dance theatre production

14 March 2014       YAVANIKA veiled perspectives               6:30 to 7:30 pm                     Kirkland Performance Center

                           Artist Reception before HAPA performance

01 Feb to              YAVANIKA veiled perspectives               Tues – Sat

15 Apr 2014           Art exhibition inspired by Yavanika        12 pm to 6 pm                       KPC lobby